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    I may have found something that you might want to put on your information page. I have been ripping things apart that I didn't suspect before and now am suspicious of something. You know the GRASS they put over the foam in artificial plants? I found some of it (a tiny bit) under my TV. It had a fresh WORM in it!!! I had always feared they were living in my real plants but repotted every single one and they aren't there. My problem starts in the front room every year, they don't reach the pantry until about a month or so according to my traps.

Pantry Moths are BACK!!!!

So, As many of you have noticed, as the weather warms up, Those darn pantry moths you thought you got rid of last fall are all of a sudden BACK!!  "What the heck is going on?", you ask, as just the sight of a single pantry moth flying around the kitchen brings back those feelings of disgust and panic you felt the last time you had to deal with this pest.
The truth is, that although you may not have seen them in awhile, these moths are probably part of the original gang that you were dealing with before.

Pantry Moths: An uninvited guest to Thanksgiving Dinner

So, anyone who has had pantry moths knows how embarassing it can be to have these little bugs flying around your kitchen when friends and family come over.  No one wants people to think that their kitchen isn't "clean" or that the food being prepared in the kitchen is contaminated.  First, let me reassure you that this is actually a very common problem.  I have even been to top restaurants that have some pantry moths flying around so don't feel bad. 
Next, aside from the "gross factor", these insects aren't harmful, even IF you have had them in your food.

Pantry moths in my restaurant food!??

Ok, so as if it's not gross enough to have to deal with pantry moths at home, I went out to one of my favorite restaurants this weekend and halfway through my dinner, I noticed pantry moths flying around the place!  I was surprised that even upscale eateries have this problem.  Technically, they aren't harmful and I guess that the health board doesn't look for them, but anyone who has ever found a pantry moth worm in their food knows how disgusting it is to have these things around.
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