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Natural Moth Control: Predatory Wasps

Trichogramma Wasps kill Pantry Moths     OK...this is going to seem like a pretty outlandish solution for pantry moth control, but I am going to conduct an experiment using Natural Predatory Wasps.   Once upon a time while researching pantry moths, I came across the mention of Trichogramma wasps.  The idea is that every pest has a natural predator, and in regard to the Pantry Moth- it is this type of Wasp.  Now, I have only ever had one single customer brave enough to try them on a really stubborn infestation that couldn't be entirely controlled by the spray b/c the moths were nesting in the drywall and she couldn't get to them.

Pantry Moths are BACK!!!!

So, As many of you have noticed, as the weather warms up, Those darn pantry moths you thought you got rid of last fall are all of a sudden BACK!!  "What the heck is going on?", you ask, as just the sight of a single pantry moth flying around the kitchen brings back those feelings of disgust and panic you felt the last time you had to deal with this pest.
The truth is, that although you may not have seen them in awhile, these moths are probably part of the original gang that you were dealing with before.

Pantry moth spray

Pantry moths can be a real nightmare to get rid of, but Aunt Norma's Pantry moth spray can really help.  The spray contains all-natural, non-toxic ingredients so it is safe to use around food and pets. For those of you who are nervous about having your home sprayed with chemicals, this can be a practical and comforting option.  Even though exterminators claim that the chemicals they use are safe, I'm not sure that I want to add any potentially toxic substance into my home, especially around my family and pets.

Pantry moths: A blessing in disguise??!!

Everyone knows the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?  Well, it's pretty hard to "make lemonade" with a pantry moth infestation.  But I wanted to take a few minutes to explain how my pantry moth infestation was actually a blessing in disguise and also to thank my many customers!
Like a lot of people today, I was struggling financially.  My previous professional business had pretty much dried up.  I was no longer working full-time, and was starting to worry about ever finding another job.


PANTRY MOTHCLOTHES MOTHThe first step in handling a pantry moth infestation is to make sure that you do, indeed, have pantry moths.  If you have never seen them before, it might take some time and research to figure out what they are.  Some people mistake them for termites, fruitflies, or clothing moths.  It can get even more confusing, and disgusting, if you first discover them in their pupae stage as worms in your food... so gross.
Pantry moths and clothes moth look different, and you can figure out which you have most easily by comparing the moths you have to pictures of both a clothes moth and a pantry moth.

Do pantry moths go away after summer??!!

I am very interested to see what happens with pantry moth infestations after the hot summer months are over!  It seems like these things just flourish in the summer, but what happens in colder climates during the fall and winter?  I read that they can hibernate...but for how long?  Do they literally sleep all winter and then come out when it gets warm?
If anyone has had an issue with pantry moths during the winter I would love to hear about it.  It would be great if they just simply died out on their own when the weather got cold, but somehow I doubt it.

Summer months and pests

Well, I am happy to say that I haven't seen a pantry moth in my house in quite some time, so I have effectively handled my pantry moth infestation.  To my horror, however, this morning I saw a flea on my little doggie!  Fleas are almost as difficult to get rid of as pantry moths, but if you start early and keep your carpets and pet areas clean and treated, you can discourage fleas from making your house their home.  I started by spraying down my dogs bed and surrounding areas with Aunt Norma's pantry moth spray.
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