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Get rid of pantry moths!



I contacted you back in September about a new moth infestation. We had only one a day for a few weeks but we still cleaned out everything, threw out everything we could, froze food we couldn't throw away and sprayed with your spray. We did find 2 empty cocoons and 3 larva. We went 6 months w/o seeing anything and now that the weather is nice for us, we are seeing them again. After 6 months we saw one and went 5 more weeks till seeing another.

So I went back to square one and am doing all we're supposed to - gutting the pantry, spraying, etc.


Dear Aunt Norma,

 I think that our Pantry Moth Spray worked.

I used two applications and most of the moths have left.

However, for the past two weeks, we keep finding a moth or two each day in the empty pantry, some times more.

I purchased and put one moth trap on the top shelf where we find most of the moths (they seem to to the ceiling.
However, after a week, I have not seen one moth in the trap...........................; but,...........I we killed 2 this morning.


Is it normal for us to keep finding moths post treatment (with your spray)?

How to avoid pantry moth reinfestation

pantry moth pictureOnce you have dealt with a pantry moth infestation, you know how important it is to keep these pests from returning.  There are several steps you can take to avoid having this problem again. 
1.  First, check the places you frequently buy grains and organic products:  Grocery stores, pet stores, nursery and home depot type stores... if you SEE pantry moths flying around, there's a good chance that they, too, have pantry moths and that whatever you buy there might be infested or have eggs waiting to hatch.


Pantry moths in webbing waiting to hatch!Ok, so I have recommended using Pantry Moth traps in combination with Aunt Norma's Pantry Moth Spray, and I find the combination to be the most effective way to handle the problem.  The Pantry moth spray will kill eggs and larvae and keep the moths from going back into your pantry, but once you have these stupid things it seems like it is impossible to get every single eggs, moth and larvae in one swoop.  This is becuse they can hide and lay eggs just about anywhere, and also because once they hatch into adult moths they can fly into other parts of the house.

How to get rid of pantry moths with Pantry Moth Spray

     Ok, so no one wants to think about worms in your food, but this is how I figured out that I had a pantry moth probelm.  if you have seen those small flying moths around your kitchen, it's pretty likely that your stored foods have been invaded with Pantry Moths.  It took me awhile to figure out what they were...termites?  Fruit flies?  I had never seen them before, and at first it was just a few of them flying around the kitchen, so I didn't really worry about it.
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