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Pantry moths Came back...?

QUESTION:  I have had these buggers for about a year now.  Got rid of the food and cleaned like mad and moved the rest of the food out to the garage. Got the pheromone traps and your spray and got them down to catching one or two a month. Moved it all back in and bam! Back to the problem, only worse!

So repeated the process, and we are still in the midst, but there are no moths in the cupboard, just elsewhere in my four story house now!! I've had the pheromone traps for a month. The first week - 18 new. Then 16, then 12. This week 47. None in the cupboards! Just elsewhere and there is no food in here! I don't get it! Are there any hard core ideas? I can't dismantle this 4000 square foot hundred year old house. So frustrating!  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

First of all- I'm so sorry that you are going through this! It sounds like something in the items that you were keeping in the garage were a source of the infestation, and likely still had eggs in when you brought it back into the house.  The eggs can "hibernate" for up to several months, so it's not uncommon for them to lay dormant and then when something changes or "triggers" them, they hatch (like moving them back into the house, or a temperature change...)

It is GOOD that you are not seeing them in the cupboards- that means that the Pantry Moth Spray has left a scent that is repelling the moths- so it is working!!  The problem is, though, that you are clearly still having moths that are hatching (either in the food in the pantry and then flying OUT of the pantry; or the moths have laid eggs in other areas of the home).  This is why you are seeing moths all over... they have spread and are looking for a). food and b). a place to mate/ lay eggs.  I can guide you through my 2-Step System to get rid of pantry moths.  It might take awhile to entirely get rid of them for good (you have to interrupt their life/ mating cycle and then wait for them to die off), but if you follow the system- you CAN get rid of a pantry moth infestation.

The two steps are:  
1).  Keep them from eating; and
 2).  Keep them from mating.  
It's that simple.  

The FIRST order of business is getting rid of the source.  Unfortunately- you will need to go back through the pantry items again- and likely get rid of much of it.  Try to think outside the box when inspecting your things if you are planning on keeping some- the stupid moths can lay eggs anywhere- and the larvae can wiggle into even the most unlikely of places. Think underneath labels, inside rims of spice jar lids...I even once found a larvae inside the lid of a Pepto Bismol bottle once... so they really can be in places that you wouldn't expect them at all.  You should also put anything that you aren't throwing out into the freezer or at the very least into a sealed glass container (they can get past anything other than a suction-type lid).  It is VERY important that your food is protected and that the source is weeded out, or the moths will continue to feed and therefor you will have an ongoing infestation.    The moths just need a speck or crumb to feed on and keep the process going.  

Now- keep a pantry moth trap out in the kitchen (but NOT in the pantry) for several months- even after you stop seeing the moths on a regular basis.  Because the eggs can "hibernate" and hatch when they are triggered by the weather or some other unknown cue from nature, you could have leftover eggs that hatch MONTHS from now.. IF you have a trap out- it will prevent the moths from taking hold again.  The trap lures and kills the adult males, so they cannot breed.  Only use one trap at a time or they kind of cancel each other out.

 That's it!  If you follow these guidelines and don't lose heart- the moths are gonners!  Please keep me posted and let me know if there's any other way I can be of help!  Good luck!

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