Aunt Norma's

Pantry moth spray

Pantry moths can be a real nightmare to get rid of, but Aunt Norma's Pantry moth spray can really help.  The spray contains all-natural, non-toxic ingredients so it is safe to use around food and pets. For those of you who are nervous about having your home sprayed with chemicals, this can be a practical and comforting option.  Even though exterminators claim that the chemicals they use are safe, I'm not sure that I want to add any potentially toxic substance into my home, especially around my family and pets.  If it's so "non-toxic", why does everyone have to leave the house for 5 hours after they spray? 
It just seems like a more logical option to try something all-natural.  After you spray, there's no need to avoid the kitchen or keep your family out of the house, in fact, many people like the scent that the essential oils leave behind in your kitchen.  The moths, however, hate the smell of it- so they are likely to clear out as soon as they get a whiff!  The spray is most effective when used as directed in combination with a thorough pantry cleaning and clearing out, but it even works for those who are too busy to bother with the whole cleaning process- if you spray the affected area and also set a pantry moth trap out.  This is kind of a short-cut option, the spray will repel the moths out of the pantry and into the open where they will be lured into the trap.  The treatment can take some time to fully get rid of the moths, (it's almost impossible to get every egg and moth in the entire house once you have an infestation, and even a single moth can lay up to 300 eggs a day, so they reproduce like rabbits!!), but many people don't see moths after the first day that they use the spray.
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