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Summer months and pests

Well, I am happy to say that I haven't seen a pantry moth in my house in quite some time, so I have effectively handled my pantry moth infestation.  To my horror, however, this morning I saw a flea on my little doggie!  Fleas are almost as difficult to get rid of as pantry moths, but if you start early and keep your carpets and pet areas clean and treated, you can discourage fleas from making your house their home.  I started by spraying down my dogs bed and surrounding areas with Aunt Norma's pantry moth spray.  The spray, though formulated for pantry moths, can also help deter other bugs and insects.  I am developing a specific formula to help with fleas, but in the menatime why not do double duty with the Pantry Moth spray?  You can spray it on area rugs or near the entrance ways to keep fleas from entering your home on their own. 
I also wanted to point out that to keep pantry moths away, it is important to touch up with the spray every couple weeks or so to keep the "scent" fresh.  This has really helped in my own experience and has made the moths more likely to fly into the pantry moth trap I have set out on top of the refrigerator.  Just use the spray like poutpourri spray and lightly mist theinside of cabinet doors, for example, as an easy way to repel moths without having to do the whole "clean out the entire pantry" step again.  I have also taken to putting any new bags of grains or beans in the freezer for a few days before I add them to thte pantry.  That way, I won't re-infest my entire cupboard if the new item does actually contain any eggs.  Freezing the food will kill any eggs and I have found that pretty much everything can be frozen without any detriment to the integrity to the product after it is thawed.  I have frozen rice, flour, beans, spices, cereal, powdered sugar, and cakemixes.  Then I simply set them out on the counter to thaw, wipe off any excess moisture, and return them safely to the pantry.  I know if you are vigillant and follow the steps and advice listed on the website that you, too, can get rid of your pantry moth infestation for good!

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poop bags on Sunday, September 23, 2012 11:14 AM
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Bed bugs heat treatment on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 9:17 PM
Yes I think it is right thing that in summer months the quantity of pests is going to be increased so that in these months we should have the better pest control techniques and treatment ideas. This blog is providing information about it. Thanks for this useful information.
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