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Pantry moths Came back...?

QUESTION:  I have had these buggers for about a year now.  Got rid of the food and cleaned like mad and moved the rest of the food out to the garage. Got the pheromone traps and your spray and got them down to catching one or two a month. Moved it all back in and bam! Back to the problem, only worse!

So repeated the process, and we are still in the midst, but there are no moths in the cupboard, just elsewhere in my four story house now!! I've had the pheromone traps for a month.

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Pantry Moths are BACK!!!!

So, As many of you have noticed, as the weather warms up, Those darn pantry moths you thought you got rid of last fall are all of a sudden BACK!!  "What the heck is going on?", you ask, as just the sight of a single pantry moth flying around the kitchen brings back those feelings of disgust and panic you felt the last time you had to deal with this pest.
The truth is, that although you may not have seen them in awhile, these moths are probably part of the original gang that you were dealing with before.



I contacted you back in September about a new moth infestation. We had only one a day for a few weeks but we still cleaned out everything, threw out everything we could, froze food we couldn't throw away and sprayed with your spray. We did find 2 empty cocoons and 3 larva. We went 6 months w/o seeing anything and now that the weather is nice for us, we are seeing them again. After 6 months we saw one and went 5 more weeks till seeing another.

So I went back to square one and am doing all we're supposed to - gutting the pantry, spraying, etc.



It seems we may be just beginning our journey with pantry moths. I have read your website and a few others and looked at pictures. I appreciated your picture comparison of pantry moths vs. clothing moths. I am certain now we are dealing with the darker version, which is an Indian moth. And from what I've read, there's never just one.

What I can't seem to figure out from websites and comments posted is if we have an infestation, how many flying moths (approx) should we be seeing at one time?

Why are the pantry moths coming back??!

Aunt Norma,
Here is a picture to give you an idea of what I'm working with. I'm sitting on the couch in the main living room taking the picture. On the left is the sitting room/tv room. Middle is living room (where I'm sitting) and china cabinet area(where you see the picture of the dogs on the wall) , the doorway on the left of the picture is the kitchen. then you see the mirror and all the way on the right is the foyer and front door.

I have a trap in every room because I don't want them traveling the whole house to get the another trap.


Dear Aunt Norma,

 I think that our Pantry Moth Spray worked.

I used two applications and most of the moths have left.

However, for the past two weeks, we keep finding a moth or two each day in the empty pantry, some times more.

I purchased and put one moth trap on the top shelf where we find most of the moths (they seem to to the ceiling.
However, after a week, I have not seen one moth in the trap...........................; but,...........I we killed 2 this morning.


Is it normal for us to keep finding moths post treatment (with your spray)?

Pantry Moths: An uninvited guest to Thanksgiving Dinner

So, anyone who has had pantry moths knows how embarassing it can be to have these little bugs flying around your kitchen when friends and family come over.  No one wants people to think that their kitchen isn't "clean" or that the food being prepared in the kitchen is contaminated.  First, let me reassure you that this is actually a very common problem.  I have even been to top restaurants that have some pantry moths flying around so don't feel bad. 
Next, aside from the "gross factor", these insects aren't harmful, even IF you have had them in your food.

Disaster Preparedness

I Just wanted to send a note out to everyone on the East Coast affected by the recent disaster of Sandy.  I have many friends, family and loved ones living on the east coast, and my heart is going out to all of you as I watch the terrible images on the news.  Living in Los Angeles, we have been blessedly spared of the impact of this disaster, but we HAVE had three earthquakes in the past 2 months, and i wanted to take this opportunity to remind ALL of us how important it is to be prepared for emergency situations like these.
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